We hope you are enjoying your fountain! Here is an instruction and tips guide to care and maintain for your fountain. If your fountain didn't come with instructions, not to worry! All of our fountains work in the same manner and can be adjusted the same way. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.

 If your pump is not functioning, please note that this is a submersible pump and has to be in water before being plugged in. Do not plug the pump in without water. Additionally, verify that the power outlet it is connected to is receiving power.

Unpackage all materials and then connect the fountain through the basin and tighten.

Attach the pump tube to the intake, making sure it is securely connected.

Turn pump “volume” to “+”

Pump should be placed suction cup down near the edge of the basin.

Fill with water after connecting the pump and adjusting the volume (do not fill above splash screen)

Plugin the pump when safe to do so.

Some fountains have adjustable flow nuts/bolts on the mouth. Tightening the screw will slow the beak/mouth opening and water drop, loosening will speed up the beak opening. This is very sensitive and does not require much adjustment.

Please note the mouth adjustment is sensitive and does not require much adjustment.

If the fountain is leaking at the feet of the animal, then the animals need to be switched. The band should be flush with the posts on the basin.


General Tips and FAQ

If the pump makes a lot of noise and doesn’t seem to be working well, try this:

Add more water so that the pump is completely submerged. You’ll have to do this periodically as water evaporates or splashes out a few drops at a time. 

The tubing is stiff and a bit awkward, so it pulls up the pump, despite the suction cups on the bottom. To Prevent this, you can attach the suction cups to the wall of the fountain basin. Make sure that the intake (the side with slashes and the +/- switch) pointing down so that it gets the most water as possible.

The pump may need cleaning. If it has been outside for awhile scrub the pump with a bit of soap and water. A toothbrush is great for getting into the little filter grooves, and running it in a bucket of water with a dash of bleach makes a big difference.


The water in my fountain is murky or smelly:

Like any fountain, contaminants will inevitably get into the basin. This could be mold or bacteria, minerals/hard water build-up, or just build up of dirt and dust over time. Outside use requires more frequent cleaning. A kitchen scrubber, soap and water to clean the basin, and pipe-cleaners for the pipes and smaller areas work well. Then a dash of vinegar in the running fountain, will adjust the PH toward the acidic and deter growth.


My fountain dribbles or spills out of the mouth:

The fountain will dribble if not balanced right. Make sure that every connection is tightened and that the fountain is level. Some fountain models have adjustments to adjust the beak/mouth opening. Tightening will slow the opening; loosening will speed it up. Please note this setting is sensitive and does not take much to change.

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